About Me

CV & other stuff

System Architect focused on information security, routing, wireless communications and storage clusters. Born in Argentina in 1981, moved to Barcelona in 2002.

Actually, I work helping companies grow and manage better their own systems and solutions.

If I have to use a few words to define my skills, they could be:   

  •    Debian GNU/Linux
  •    Bash/Python/Django
  •    TCP/IP Networks
  •    Mikrotik/Ubiquiti
  •    IT Automation
  •    Virtualization software / Microservices
About 15 years in IT with highlighteds works as:

As a hobby, I develop simple pieces of software in Python, like Ticketator  or others.

If you want to know more about me, download my full resume in PDF/HTML  or contact me at ramiro@ramiro.io